3D animation

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Apartment marketing visualization methods are constantly evolving and expanding the possibilities of pre-marketing. If you're seriously looking for a new boost to your new development reservations, we highly recommend trying out 3D animation as an effective marketing tool. In our experience, it really works!

At our fastest, we deliver the first drafts within 3 days of when the order is placed, and within 7 working days at the latest.

3D animation is an audiovisual means of persuasion

Professionally made 3D animation bring your object to life in a visual and stylish way. Homebuyers are hungry for information to support their big decision and appreciate a company that wants to offer it to them. 

3D animation of an apartment's exterior

Thanks to 3D animation, your development will be remembered by buyers and stand out from the rest. When you provide both information and images, you remove open questions from customers' minds, i.e. obstacles to buying, and motivate them to take action. 

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Branded 3D animation of the new development

A 3D animation can be branded according to your company's look, allowing it to help not only with the current development, but also with the marketing of future developments and to promote recognition of your company.

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Plot and courtyard from a bird's-eye view

Apartment seekers are quite naturally also interested in the surroundings, site and courtyard of their potential new home. With a new development presentation video, these can be presented naturally using a bird's-eye view.

What size plot will the development be built on? How big will the development be? How much green is left in the courtyard, and what about parking? These are matters of interest to most homebuyers, which are effectively illustrated with a bird's-eye view, from a perspective above the roof.

Architecture on display

For many homebuyers, the appearance of their future home is also an important selection criterion. The more euros and effort you have invested in the architecture, the bigger the role and the more seconds you should devote to it with the new project's presentation video.

Does your new project have magnificent, large windows? Beautiful wooden cladding, stylish terraces, comfy glazed balconies or other selling points related to the appearance? Tell us and we'll highlight these selling points!

"Fast and flexible service"

When it was time to start the pre-marketing of the new site in Koivuhaa in Vantaa, Vendo Helsinki sales coordinator Nico Suokas turned to Visu24.

Vendo's order included 3D sales images as well as a 3D sales video.

Animation is memorable

Thanks to 3D animation, your development will be remembered by buyers and stand out from the rest. The creation of compelling mental images is also effective with the audiovisual means of 3D animation. When you provide both information and images, you remove open questions from customers' minds, i.e. obstacles to buying, while motivating them to act. 

3D animation enhances apartment pre-marketing in four ways

Homebuyers are thirsty for information, and lack of knowledge about a development that only exists on paper is a major obstacle to purchase decisions. In a visual form, a great deal of information is conveyed in an effortless and interesting way: the development becomes more familiar and the obstacles to purchasing disappear one by one.

In addition to information, 3D animation can be used to create mental images and appeal to the emotions. Although apartment buyers are very interested in factual information about the new apartments, the influence of emotions on their final decisions should not be underestimated under any circumstances. Together, music and pictures can create strong mental images and lingering feelings, which motivate homebuyers to take action.

A 3D animation can be branded according to your company's look, allowing it to help not only with the current development, but also with the marketing of future developments and to promote recognition of your company.

Buyers appreciate a company that knows their needs and genuinely wants to meet them. High-quality marketing materials tell your customers that you value them and want to offer them the best to support their big decision.

"Everything went really well. We got fast service and what we needed."

When Elokodit needed 3D images of the houses, solar panels and courtyard for marketing purposes, the team at Visu24 got to work.

What kind of 3D animation?

How long should a 3D animation be? What contents should be emphasized in it? And what kind of music would be suitable for the background of the animation? Read the tips we've gleaned from practical experience below!

3D animation length

Both short and slightly longer 3D animations appeal to homebuyers. In our opinion, it's worth trying a slightly longer 3D animation, around one to one and a half minutes, especially for more valuable, challenging or already slow-moving developments. A little extra effort usually pays off quickly!

The effect of length on price

Animations can be made using a number of different technologies. In the case of photorealistic animation rendering, animations are usually priced by the second. One second can cost, for example, €20. We usually recommend animation made using a slightly different technology, in which case the price of the animation is not so much influenced by the length of the animation as by the number of things to model. 

Interior view example_21_Visu24

The content of a 3D animation

3D animation offers almost unlimited opportunities to commission highly individualized marketing material for various new developments. In the animation, you should naturally emphasize the development's unique selling points, which you know best. For example, the following selling points can be presented in a 3D animation:

Choice of music

Does the choice of music for the marketing animation matter?

Of course it does! 3D animation is an extremely effective marketing tool, not just because it is audiovisual, but also because an animation can use music to create mental imagery and atmosphere. Music alongside animated visuals is an incomparable way to create compelling mental images, such as:

  • Serene
  • Energetic / cheerful
  • High quality / luxury
  • Reasonably priced
  • Urban
  • Homelike
  • Modern
  • Traditional


If you have a wish regarding the music style of the 3D animation, please tell us about it when you place your order. Otherwise, we will choose a stylish track for your 3D animation that sounds like your property and speaks to current homebuyers, regardless of the target group.


3D animation gives your company the opportunity to market not only a specific development, but also the company itself. This is called branding, i.e. goal-oriented image building.

For example, the following help when branding a 3D animation:

  • Visible company logo
  • Your company's (logo) colors are used in graphics and texts as well
  • Your company's quality promise can be seen and/or heard
  • The same font as on your company's website and other marketing material is used
  • Music chosen deliberately according to your company's brand and the tastes of the primary target groups
  • To longer 3D animations we can also add text or speech presenting the benefits of your brand, written by you or our copywriter
  • The same audiovisual style in the marketing materials of all developments
Interior view example_50_Visu24

Customer experiences

The assignment was well understood, and the prints were also delivered quickly. Everything went really smoothly with this one in particular! The repairs were also done very quickly. I would give a school grade of one. I recommend Visu to others too!

Henri Mattila, Director of Marketing, Olas Group Oy

We have also looked at other service providers, but in the end we liked that Visu's images are of high quality and the price is competitive.

Mika Rossi, Valiotalots Oy

Everything went really well. Received quick service and what was needed.

Harri Tamsi, Elokodit Oy

Yes, we were pleased! The cooperation was good, you answered right away. All went well. No complaints about this project!

Häyrynen Construction Company

The visuals were really nice! Fresh and pretty. We were definitely satisfied with the result! Our client, the developer of the project, was also satisfied. Now that the homes are being sold, we are extremely satisfied!

Malin Fagerlund & Nana Hyry, Hima & Huvila LKV

Fast and flexible service from Visu24. The project went well!

Nico Suokas, Vendo

Order an animation from us

If you commission all of your company's 3D animations from us, you will definitely get a uniform audiovisual style for all of them. Soon, homebuyers will instantly associate the audiovisual feel of the 3D animations you've commissioned from us with your company and its quality promises. Ah yes, that's a familiar company! You should take some time to consider branding, because customers prefer to buy products from a familiar company. Familiarity and recognizability are established by unifying the style and content of marketing communications.

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