3D tour

A 3D tour is a virtual visit linked together from several 360 images, i.e. image points

from €600 + VAT (three image points)

With the help of the 3D tour, the customer can "stand" at pre-selected points in the apartment and look around in a full 360 degrees

A 3D tour allows the customer to "stand" in predetermined places in the apartment and look around in a full 360 degrees. A 3D tour is an easy-to-use and customer-engrossing way to speed up housing sales, made possible by new technology.

At our fastest, we deliver the first drafts within 3 days of when the order is placed, and within 7 working days at the latest.

A 3D tour makes it easier to present larger apartments

A 3D tour is best suited to the presentation of larger apartments. You can choose from one to five angles, i.e. rotation image points, or why not more - the more 360 images the 3D tour contains, the cheaper the price of a single rotation image! The 3D tour is thus suitable for presenting a two-room, three-room, four-room or even larger apartment easily and illustratively. 

Using a 3D tour is easy and convenient

For customers, a 3D tour is an easy-to-use and smart way to get to know an apartment that does not yet exist. In a campaign email, apartment listing or social media post, you can embed a link to the property's home page, where the customer starts using the 3D tour by clicking or touching its image.  

While "standing" at one image point, the customer can look around by touching the left or right, top or bottom edge of the screen. In this case, the image rotates, and the "gaze" moves up and down the room. 

If he wants to proceed, the customer can click on the next image point and continue exploring the apartment from a new perspective. The 3D-tour differs from the virtual apartment presentation in that the 3D-tour does not allow free movement in the apartment. Instead, the points where the customer can stand and rotate have been selected in advance. 

A 3D tour is an excellent addition to any pre-marketing campaign for many reasons

First of all, it brings the apartment to life before the foundations of the new building have even been laid at the construction site. Customers don't have to imagine what the apartment looks like when they can look around for themselves. Every buyer of a new apartment really appreciates this kind of opportunity!

Customers are fascinated and charmed by the visuality and interactivity of a 3D tour. Compared to mere visualizations, a 3D tour leaves behind a strong impression in memory - and encourages customers to make that final decision to purchase.

A 3D tour is also an extremely illustrative way to present an apartment. A 3D tour conveys a lot of information about the apartment in a cost-effective way: its layout, dimensions, door and window positions, surface materials, natural light, furnishing options... All this is conveniently conveyed by a 3D tour.

Oh yes! And a 3D tour has one more big advantage. When your 3D tour is ready, you will get the right to take screenshots of the rotating images from the angles of your choice along with the finished product. This way you also get an unlimited number of visualizations as part of the deal.

"Everything went really well. We got fast service and what we needed."

When Elokodit needed 3D images of the houses, solar panels and courtyard for marketing purposes, the team at Visu24 got to work.

How are 3D tours made?

Whether or not there is an existing 3D model of the new development has an influence on the creation of a 3D tour. If you don't have a model yet, we'll make one in no time! In that case, attach the following documents to your order:

  • Floor plans 
  • Cross-sectional drawings 
  • Facade drawings 
  • Site plan 
  • Detailed information about the materials used on the object's interior and exterior surfaces


A 3D tour starts with a 3D model. First, we create a virtual "structure" for your development, based on precise measurements. To this structure we then add the things that make an apartment an apartment: doors, windows, surface materials, fixtures, decor, lighting and so on. 


In the final stage, our skilled illustrators work on labor-intensive fine details such as reflections and shadows, which make the final result photorealistic. This stage is called rendering. And voilà! Crowds of curious and information-hungry apartment buyers can explore your latest development! 

Which spaces should be presented on a 3D tour?

It is generally said that the kitchen and bathroom sell the apartment. When it comes to a 3D tour, we would say that the kitchen and living room are perhaps the most interesting things for homebuyers to look at.

The spatial solutions of the living room and kitchen, the furnishings and the amount of light really affect the flow of everyday life, and customers may have different preferences in this regard. On the 3D tour, you should ideally present at least the kitchen and the living room, and if the budget allows, any of the development's unique selling points as well.

A spacious bedroom with a view out the window or even a balcony? A stylish sauna with two showers? A lovely terrace leading to a yard where the kids can build snowmen? Invite your customers to get to know these features a year or more before they even move in!

3D tours pricing

At Visu24, 3D tours, like other materials, are available in affordably priced packages. The more rotating images you order for the apartment 3D tour, the lower the price per rotating image!

Interior view example_45_Visu24

Customer experiences

The assignment was well understood, and the prints were also delivered quickly. Everything went really smoothly with this one in particular! The repairs were also done very quickly. I would give a school grade of one. I recommend Visu to others too!

Henri Mattila, Director of Marketing, Olas Group Oy

We have also looked at other service providers, but in the end we liked that Visu's images are of high quality and the price is competitive.

Mika Rossi, Valiotalots Oy

Everything went really well. Received quick service and what was needed.

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Yes, we were pleased! The cooperation was good, you answered right away. All went well. No complaints about this project!

Häyrynen Construction Company

The visuals were really nice! Fresh and pretty. We were definitely satisfied with the result! Our client, the developer of the project, was also satisfied. Now that the homes are being sold, we are extremely satisfied!

Malin Fagerlund & Nana Hyry, Hima & Huvila LKV

Fast and flexible service from Visu24. The project went well!

Nico Suokas, Vendo

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At our fastest, we deliver the first drafts within 3 days of when the order is placed. Our standard delivery time guarantee is 7 working days.