When Elokodit needed 3D images of the houses, solar panels and courtyard for marketing purposes, the team at Visu24 got to work.

"No suggestions for improvement" - Elokodit praised Visu24's 3D image of an environmentally friendly terraced house

Is there a construction company in Finland that specializes in building more environmentally friendly townhouses?

Of course there is! An interesting newcomer from Rauma founded in 2022, Elokodit.

Renewable energy for terraced houses

Elokodit is concerned about the impact of housing on the environment and the consumption of natural resources, and therefore invests in environmentally friendly construction and renewable energy.

For example, to the construction company's newest development in Hyvinkää's Kravunkaari 1 will have its own solar power with roof panels. When Elokodit needed a 3D image of the houses, solar panels and courtyards for marketing purposes, the team at Visu24 got to work.

Was Elokodit satisfied with Visu24's service and final product?

"Everything went really well"

"An excellent customer experience", says Harri Tamsi of Elokodit. "Everything went really well. We received fast service and what we needed."

Could we perhaps have done something better?

"There have been no development ideas in your direction, no suggestions for improvement. It would be nice to suggest something, but it went really well."

Pre-marketing of the Kravunkaari site is in full swing

Kravunkaari 1 is being built in Metsäkalteva's new residential area, especially popular with families, about three kilometers from the center of Hyvinkää. Pre-marketing of the accessible apartments has already started, and the move-in date for the new residents will come in the summer of 2023.

Then 10 families, couples or individuals who are interested in reducing the carbon footprint of their accommodation will move into their new energy-efficient terraced homes.

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