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from €49 + VAT (includes 2 rounds of commentary)
Virtual staging generates interest, helps buyers see the real potential of each space and makes the purchase decision much easier.

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Make your residential development irresistible with virtual staging! Carefully carried out virtual staging makes the apartment's potential clear to buyers, speeds up the sales process and makes it possible to fetch a better price.

Order virtual staging from Visu24 today.

Virtual staging is an affordable and modern way to bring spaces to life with digital decor. Virtual staging highlights the possibilities of both new developments and existing apartments, makes empty spaces attractive and clears up crowded ones. 

The effectiveness of virtual staging is thanks to its visuality. With the help of a staged sales image, apartment buyers can instantly see the real potential of the apartment and imagine themselves there.

Virtual staging removes the barriers related to imagination and offers a concrete, inspiring view of the future home. This helps buyers feel at home before they even visit the property, which enhances purchase interest and bolsters deals. For construction companies and home sellers virtual staging means faster turnaround, more satisfied customers and a more efficient sales process.

At our fastest, we deliver the first drafts on the same working day. You will definitely receive the virtual staging images from us within two days of placing the order.

Virtual staging, what does it mean?

Virtual staging means decorating the apartment digitally directly in a photo or 3D image. With the help of virtual staging, we can add furniture and decor elements to empty or not-yet-built spaces, or remove unnecessary decor elements from a crowded room.

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The advantages of virtual staging in apartment marketing

Virtual staging is a very cost-effective way to make spaces attractive, whether an empty space, a still unbuilt development or a fully furnished apartment - all this for only a few dozen euros per picture! Virtual staging offers a realistic view of the future home, speeding up decision-making and shortening the sales time. Skillfully done virtual staging confers a competitive advantage, makes your company stand out from the crowd, and offers the possibility of tailor-made, rapidly editable portrayals for different target audiences.

Virtual staging is a truly cost-effective tool. With the help of virtual staging, we can transform an empty, not yet built or fully furnished space into an attractive, modern apartment that immediately piques the interest of the target group. Only a few dozen euros per picture!

Virtual staging makes the home buyer's purchase decision easier. With staged images, you can offer your customers a realistic vision of what their future home could look like when beautifully decorated and furnished. A well-planned virtual staging evokes emotions and speeds up decision-making, shortening the time it takes to sell apartments.

Professionally done virtual staging gives your company a solid competitive advantage. In a highly competitive market, even a fine detail can make the difference in successful home transactions. By offering your customers the opportunity to see the apartment's full potential, you stand out from the crowd and pique key customers' interest.

The fourth advantage of virtual staging is speed and adaptability. With virtual staging, you can order differently furnished images for different target groups, according to buyer preferences or demographic trends. If you don't like a particular detail, it's quick and easy for us to change.

"Everything went really well. We got fast service and what we needed."

When Elokodit needed 3D images of the houses, solar panels and courtyard for marketing purposes, the team at Visu24 got to work.

Visu24's virtual staging: Attract, showcase, inspire and convince, all for a single price

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Visu24's virtual staging service


Visu24's virtual staging service offers a fast, reliable and high-quality solution for you, if you want your apartment to stand out from the crowd. We deliver magnificently staged sales images quickly, sometimes on the very same day, but no later than 2 working days after the order is placed, with a professional service attitude and years of experience.

With the help of an extensive and up-to-date decor catalog, we make your apartment irresistibly attractive, highlighting its strengths and possibilities. We listen carefully to your wishes and always strive to pleasantly surprise you with the quality and fast turnaround of our images.

Don't let your apartment listing go unnoticed - choose Visu24! From us you'll always get virtual staging risk-free, thanks to our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Where can I use virtual staging images?

Virtual staging images work on all residential marketing and sales platforms. They are particularly well suited to the following:

Online advertising: Use virtual staging images in online housing listings, where they stand out from the crowd and attract more clicks

Social media: Share virtual staging images on your company's social media platforms to capture the attention of your followers and attract more traffic to your apartment portal or listing

Brochures and sales materials: Include the images in printed or digital brochures, where they showcase the best aspects of the apartment in an attractive way

Display windows and office spaces: Use large-format prints or displays to showcase virtually staged apartments in your office window or indoors. Elegantly staged images are great at attracting the attention of passers-by and building your brand as a company in tune with current trends.


• We work 24 hours a day, 8 days a week
• You'll receive the images you ordered quickly and with a complete satisfaction guarantee

At Visu24, the clock never stops! Our team works around the clock, eight days a week to ensure that you get striking sales images when you need them.
We promise our customers high-quality virtual staging in 2 days. With us, speed and quality always go hand in hand.

Apart from rapid turnaround times, we also promise you competent and flexible customer service, as well as an ironclad satisfaction guarantee. We settle for nothing less than complete customer satisfaction, which is why we undertake to deliver stylish, sales-promoting images every time!

Once the images are ready, you have 60 days to request changes to them. If for some reason we don't succeed, you'll get your money back.

  • Virtual staging - bedroom €49 / piece + VAT
  • Virtual staging - kitchen €59 / piece + VAT
  • Virtual staging - living room €69 / image + VAT
  • Virtual staging - large office space €89 / piece + VAT
  • Virtual staging - exterior visualization €99 / piece + VAT
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Customer experiences

We have also looked at other service providers, but in the end we liked that Visu's images are of high quality and the price is competitive.

Mika Rossi, Valiotalots Oy

Everything went really well. Received quick service and what was needed.

Harri Tamsi, Elokodit Oy

Yes, we were pleased! The cooperation was good, you answered right away. All went well. No complaints about this project!

Häyrynen Construction Company

The visuals were really nice! Fresh and pretty. We were definitely satisfied with the result! Our client, the developer of the project, was also satisfied. Now that the homes are being sold, we are extremely satisfied!

Malin Fagerlund & Nana Hyry, Hima & Huvila LKV

Fast and flexible service from Visu24. The project went well!

Nico Suokas, Vendo

The images made by Visu24 make selling an apartment easier because they are as realistic as 3D images can be. In addition, they always arrive in 7 days.

Risto Karjalainen, Remax

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At our fastest, we deliver the first drafts on the same day the order is placed. Our normal turnaround time for virtual staging is 2 working days.