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The roots of Visu24 go back to a new development marketing concept called a sales pipeline which aims to remove the most critical bottlenecks in new development marketing.

The sales pipeline has formed a central part of the marketing of new properties of many construction companies during the previous 6 years.

Visu24 is continuing on this basis, removing one of the most significant bottlenecks in new development marketing, i.e. the availability of high-quality 3D visualizations quickly and at an affordable price.

You'll receive the images within as few as 3 days! At the latest in 7 working days.

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12 questions for Visu24's founding owner

I am a 36-year-old family man and entrepreneur, with a Master's degree in economics.

Visu24 is my life's work. My passion has always been to develop a service through which I can significantly help my clients' business. I wanted to develop a clear product that I can offer, and for which there is a need in the market. Here it is.  

While managing the real estate marketing of the central Finnish regional development project in 2015, I started thinking about how today's technology and opportunities could best be utilized in the marketing of new developments. That's when I conceived of a model that combines impressive digital 3D material, effective lead collection, social media advertising, landing pages and so on. 

"In Finland, there was a need for faster and  for a more affordable visualization service"

In 2015 and 2016, I assembled an international 3D modeling team with architects and illustrators, some of whose original members still make images for us. Very quickly this turned into a good and profitable business. In Finland, there was clearly a need for a faster and more affordable 3D visualization service. 

In 2017, I moved to a housing marketing job at a large construction company, so growing my own company took a back seat. For a while I didn't actively try to sell, but my clients came back again and again to ask if I could help. In the end, it was very natural to continue to grow this business. 

My clients are busy. They have a lot of irons in the fire and serious targets when it comes to announcing new developments. I don't want access to 3D images to become a bottleneck. 

The name Visu24 came from the fact that I strive to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our new slogan is 3D images 8 days a week. The beauty is that we have visualization artists in different time zones, so we can really offer a service almost around the clock.

You can order 3D images on Friday and get almost ready drafts as early as Monday. 

"You can order 3D images on Friday and on monday you can get it already almost finished prints."

The idea is that business owners can sleep well at night and spend their weekends in peace, because they know that things are moving forward, and not just waiting on some desk. 

An international team of architects, 3D artists and illustrators work for Visu24. Our artists work in different parts of the world, which enables both competitive pricing and fast turnaround times. Since there are artists in different time zones, we are also able to offer our services outside of office hours and on weekends. 

Our team also includes a Finnish copywriter and content creator who specializes in new development pre-marketing and residential sales text content. 

Visu24's customer service and business growth is my passion. 

While working in social marketing, I quickly noticed that a good 3D image can increase clicks by a factor of two or even much more. High-quality visualization is the basis of all pre-marketing, on which everything else is easily built.

"A good 3D image can double or  even multiply the clicks”

Another tip is that it would be good to always offer as many different images as possible, because you never know which images will excite consumers. Day lighting, evening lighting, interior view, exterior view, aerial view, from the front or from above... Different images strike different people. 

One interesting side plot here is that well-decorated interior architectural renderings seem to appeal especially to today's Y and Z generations. And exterior architectural renderings grab everyone's attention! So it's definitely worth ordering different images and testing what works best for each target audience. 

My fourth tip for those doing housing marketing is to look for a company with good customer service and pricing, and one that delivers good images quickly. The best result in terms of financial investment is achieved with pictures that are made quickly and well, and when there are enough of them. Not when a few places are polished too much and too slowly, and the images are extremely expensive. Then you can't move forward with marketing!

In my opinion, our images have exactly this kind of optimal efficiency for our customers.

There are companies all over the place that are building independent new developments or making RS developments, i.e. grounding new developments. From small 1-3 person companies to large listed companies. 

I think the width of our customer base means that our value-for-money is very good. We are able to serve both very price-conscious small companies and large companies that value quality and high-level service. 

Most often they need help making 3D visualizations. We also provide content services such as development stories, in other words you can also get marketing texts from us. We also make moving 3D images such as virtual presentations and 3D animations. Their popularity has been growing recently. 

Obviously well, because we have very loyal customers and long-term customer relationships. I have also received many clients through recommendations. Of course, the fact that people want to recommend our services to their own networks feels like a sign of trust. 

I want to nurture the trust shown by customers in such a way that I am always ready to develop the service and bring new tools to the table. The goal of our entire team is to keep our customers satisfied. 

Our most popular product is 3D visualizations. 3D exterior visualizations are always guaranteed to be in demand, but interior visualizations are being ordered in increasing numbers, since they are usually needed for several living spaces at once.

What about Visu24's most interesting product, which your customers may not all be aware of?

The latest addition to our selection is a 3D floor plan. In it, the floor plan is open so that the use of space can clearly be seen. The demand for 3D floor plans is currently on the rise. 

We are also experiencing growing demand for 3D animations and virtual presentations.

The best thing is, of course, serving customers and the fact that the customer is happy with the service we provide. And that's when you see that your work is in demand. It gives a sense of meaning to what we're doing. 

Among other things, I enjoy sailing, ceramics, literature and culture, and strategy games. 

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