Matterport convincingly solves the problems of real estate presentation

Turn Real Estate Presentations into experiences with Matterport technology. Visu24's 3D services work as support for revitalizing sales.

Customers need a living experience

The world has increasingly moved in a digital direction, which means that modern real estate marketing faces new challenges. Traditional sales methods, such as photos and drawings, are no longer enough to provide potential buyers and Tenants with a real understanding of the property. Customers want to experience the space vividly and deeply, which is essential to support their purchasing decisions.

A significant benefit of digital presentation

In online real estate presentations, traditional photos often don't tell the whole story, and they don't convey the real size and feel of the space. In addition, the photos do not give the customer the opportunity to explore the premises on their own and make independent observations that could influence decision-making. This can reduce the customer's interest and negatively affect the process of selling or renting the property.

The challenges of social media in real estate marketing

Social media is the cornerstone of modern real estate marketing, but traditional presentation materials may not work effectively on these platforms. The color scheme, the feeling of the room, or the potential of the space are not conveyed in static images in the same way as physically on site. As a result, social media ads do not generate the desired interaction or generate enough interest among potential customers.

Lack of marketing material and poor quality

High-quality marketing material is vital when presenting a property and it can be a decisive factor in speeding up sales. Poor-quality or incomplete pictures and presentation materials are not able to convey the property's value or charm, so potential buyers or renters do not get the necessary understanding of the object. This leads to fewer contacts and weakens the chances of a successful sale or rental of the property.

Creativity and adaptation are key in real estate marketing

The competition in the real estate market is fierce, and it is important to stand out from the crowd when presenting a property. The ability to adapt and tailor presentation material to meet the needs and expectations of different customer groups is key. Potential customers appreciate the ability to visualize different interior design options and solutions, which can help them better see themselves living or working in that space.

A promising solution: Matterport

Matterport is an innovative 3D visualization technology that offers real estate agents and owners a revolutionary way to present their properties. It creates a photorealistic digital duplicate of an existing space, enabling an in-depth and interactive experience for a potential customer.

Customers experience the space virtually

With Matterport technology, customers can explore properties virtually, getting a comprehensive picture of the space and its possibilities. The interactivity of the Matterport tour gives customers the opportunity to move freely in the space, which makes the experience almost the same as visiting physically on site.

Enhanced marketing for social media platforms

Matterport's interactive presentations are made with sharing in mind and are perfect for social media. They provide a dynamic and immersive way to experience the spaces, which can significantly increase customer engagement and attract more contacts and interest.

Higher quality material for sales and rental processes

The detailed and high-resolution 3D models offered by Matterport are invaluable for presenting a property. They improve the property's image and increase its market value, thus making the sales and rental processes more efficient.

Immersive and customizable presentations ignite interest

Matterport makes it possible to customize and adapt the presentation of the property according to the customer's wishes, for example by offering different interior design options virtually. This facilitates the customer's decision-making and visualization of how the space will be transformed to suit his needs.

Take a step towards the real estate marketing of the future

If you are a real estate agent, a marketing manager of a construction company or a property owner, and you identify yourself with the above questions, a practical and successful solution awaits you. Visu24 offers a new dimension to real estate marketing with Matterport technology. Virtual presentation is not only the future, but today's need-based service with which you stand out in the market. Invite your customers to experience your space interactively - from anywhere, at any time.

Take your real estate marketing to a new level

Are you fascinated by going beyond the boundaries of traditional marketing material and making your properties more attractive to potential buyers? At Visu24, we help you present your object in an immersive way with the help of Matterport 3D presentations. Enhance the online visibility of your properties and let customers get to know the facilities you offer on their own terms. Contact us and see how our services can improve the attractiveness of real estate and speed up the sales process.

Give your premises the visibility they deserve

Is it time to give your properties that extra edge that makes them irresistible to viewers? Contact us with Visu24 and take advantage of the Matterport description to make your space accessible to potential customers. With Matterport, you offer distinctive and in-depth content, which makes your destinations more attractive and increases demand for them. Don't let your competitors walk by - use Matterport to showcase your destination in a unique way.

Why choose the Visu24 Matterport service?

At Visu24, we understand the importance of real estate marketing and the needs of our customers. We are dedicated to producing quality content that convinces a potential buyer or renter of the value of your property. You get many advantages from us by using Matterport technology for the marketing and presentation of real estate:

  • High quality: We use the latest Matterport technology to produce accurate and detailed 3D modeling of your objects.
  • Fast service: Fast response time and flexible service ensure that you can use Virtual Presentations quickly, even in seven working days.
  • Customized solutions: We offer several service options that meet different space requirements and budgets flexibly and nimbly.
  • Customer satisfaction: We focus primarily on customer satisfaction and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Versatility: With the help of Matterport descriptions, your properties reach a wide audience on social media, websites and marketing materials.

With the help of Visu24's top-level Matterport imaging services, real estate marketing rises to new dimensions. Contact us today and experience for yourself how Matterport photography can enliven and enhance the marketing of your property.

  1. What is Matterport and how can it benefit property presentation?

Matterport is an advanced 3D imaging technology that creates a photorealistic virtual duplicate of existing spaces. Users can explore properties virtually, making the viewing experience interactive and immersive. At Visu24, we use Matterport to provide our customers with an impressive and engaging presentation experience, which is especially useful for promoting the sale and rental of real estate.

  1. How does Matterport differ from traditional 3D models in real estate marketing?

Matterport imaging differs from traditional 3D models by offering the user the opportunity to move freely in the space and view it from every angle. It's like a virtual tour that mimics a real visit to the property. Visu24 has the expertise to create vivid presentations through detailed and high-quality 3D models that appeal to both buyers and tenants.

  1. How can Matterport improve the remote presentation of the property?

Matterport enables a remote presentation where the property can be experienced from any device, anywhere and anytime. This technology displays the exact layout and interior of the property, providing a rich and detailed perspective. We at Visu24 use Matterport to complement our remote presentation services and highlight the unique features of properties to potential buyers.

  1. What are the benefits of Matterport descriptions for real estate agents?

With the help of Matterport descriptions, Realtors can offer potential customers the opportunity for virtual tours, in which case a physical presence in the property is not required. It saves both time and money, and can speed up the decision-making process. At Visu24, we specialize in offering Matterport photography services that increase the visibility of properties and help them stand out in the market.

  1. What are the hardware requirements to view the Matterport 3D demo?

The Matterport 3D presentation can be accessed through any modern hardware that supports 3D content – be it a computer, tablet, smartphone or VR glasses. With the Matterport presentations offered by Visu24, customers can truly experience the details and space of the property in order to make informed decisions about buying or renting.

  1. What is the price of Matterport technology in real estate 3D imaging services?

Prices for Matterport photography services vary depending on the size of the space and the level of detail. Visu24 offers competitive prices from €250 + VAT for small spaces, offering a high-quality imaging service and customized packages to meet the needs of different properties. Our primary goal is to offer our customers cost efficiency and added value for real estate presentations.

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