The Mikkeli-based construction company Valiotalo has been ordering various marketing materials from Visu24 for four years already

"Quality pictures at a competitive price"

The Mikkeli-based construction company Valiotalo has been ordering various marketing materials from Visu24 for four years already.

"In 2017, I think we did our first collaboration with Niko," recalls Valiotalo's head of construction Mika Rossi. "Visu24 created all the marketing material and the homepage for our development in Jyväskylä." "Since that Jyväskylä development, we have regularly ordered from Visu at least the exterior visualizations for almost every development."

Valiotalo wanted to place an especially strong emphasis on the marketing of Villa Brahe

Valiotalo builds mostly terraced houses and apartment complexes in the areas of Mikkeli, Jyväskylä and Lappeenranta. At the moment, however, a slightly different development is under construction: eight log detached houses on the shores of Saimaa, in the center of Ristiina's church village. 

"Villa Brahen we started planning the destination ahead of marketing. Instead of just facade photos, we ordered visualizations of both the outside and the inside. And in addition to the aerial view of the object's modeling and 3D floor plans."

"We didn't use an architect for this project, we drew the plans ourselves. Visu24 then made the model, and furnished 3D images based on it."

The absolute number one draw card of Villa Brahe is its amazing location right on the shore of Saimaa, on its own plot. We wanted to emphasize the location in the marketing, and Visu24's range of services had the right recipe. 

"Aerial photos will be taken with a drone, and the development will be embedded in the image," says Rossi about the cooperation that will take place in the next few days.  

Fast delivery and corrections

What did the client think of the Villa Brahe marketing materials when they were ready? 

"Everything looks good, the pictures and everything else we have received so far. We still need the aerial photo, but everything so far has been really good and has come speedily. We have commented on the pictures as always, and it's not long before they come corrected."

What about value-for-money?

"We have also looked at other service providers, but in the end we liked that Visu's pictures are of high quality and the price is competitive."

"If any picture still needed work, we commented and it was corrected according to the comments. I feel that Visu24's strength is that the product is presented for viewing quite quickly, and then we can request changes. I think it's better that way, so you don't have to wait a long time for the first pictures."

"We have used Visu's materials on our website and print brochures and on Facebook. In addition, we have forwarded visualization images to our marketing partners, real estate agents. Brokers also do marketing and sales work for our properties, but we ourselves have a firm grip on which images are used in the marketing of our properties."

Villa Brahe – A small piece of paradise in the peaceful coastal landscapes of Saimaa

According to head of construction Ross, Villa Brahea is being marketed both to Mikkeli residents and to people from further afield who are looking for a permanent home or a holiday home. 

The distance to the center of Mikkeli from Ristiina's church village is about 20 kilometers, which makes getting to work easy. For a village of a few thousand inhabitants, Ristiina also has exceptionally good local services. 

In addition to shops and a pharmacy, the church village has, for example, its own health center and a large co-educational school where, in addition to basic education, there is also a preschool and a high school. 

Due to their location, Villa Brahe's detached houses are also perfect for holiday homes or second apartments. Villa Brahe is only an hour and 45 minutes' drive from the nearest big city, Jyväskylä. It takes two hours and 15 minutes to drive here from Kuopio, and only a quarter of an hour longer from the center of Helsinki!

Thanks to fast internet connections, it's easy to work remotely from Villa Brahe. Even by the fireplace, while admiring the winter lake scenery. 

No matter who snatches up Villa Brahe's eight detached houses, a modern piece of paradise awaits them in the peaceful coastal landscapes of Saimaa. 

The 83m2 three-room and the 107-m2 four-room homes have geothermal heating, two-story landscape windows with a view of Saimaa, a fireplace and, of course, their own sauna. The log houses will also most likely be getting their own solar panels, too. It's thus a nature-saving new development for nature-loving people.  

You can buy food in your own village. In your free time, you can step out your front door and into nature by boat, kayak, SUP board, skis, bike, swimming... and from there back to your own sauna. 

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