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Hem & Hus Ab

"I was very satisfied with the service and the end result. The customer service was prompt, and I received the images surprisingly quickly."

Johan Lindholdm of Hall, Hem & Hus ab would recommend Visu24 to others as well

In a challenging market situation, many construction companies have turned to Visu24 to order impressive yet affordable visuals. The majority of those who have worked with us also plan to continue ordering images from us, with one example being Johan Lindblom from Hall, Hem & Hus Ab, who is building a semi-detached house near the center of Hanko.

"I ordered four interior visualizations and a colored site plan from Visu", recalls Johan Lindholm.

"I was very satisfied with the service and the end result. The customer service was prompt, and I received the images surprisingly quickly."

"I think the pricing of the service is also fair. The pictures are reasonably priced."

"I can't think of anything to improve on. We plan to get in touch again when we need sales images!"

Colored site plan

For Johan's development, Visu effectively illustrated the plot with a colored site map, which shows the location of buildings, parking spaces and natural elements on the plot.

The most important thing when making site plans is accuracy and illustrativeness: the placement of buildings and other elements must be just right. In addition, the coloring of the image should enable the viewer to understand the entire plot at a glance.

Kitchen visualization composition and finishing touches

One of the selling points of Johan Lindholm's Hanko development is the high-quality and stylishly equipped kitchen, which we wanted to do justice to with the interior visualizations. The sales image of the kitchen shows the extremely beautiful tone of the fixtures, the comely black appliances and stylish backsplash tiling, which together create a strong but peaceful impression.

We composed the sales image illustrating the kitchen in such a way that the dining area, the interior stairs, the back of the sofa and the large window in the kitchen, which floods the room with natural light, also fit within the border. This way, you can get a good and representative general idea of the kitchen space and its location in the apartment at a glance.

The interior visualization was elegantly decorated so that the wooden tones of the kitchen and the dining area are consistent, and the upholstery of the dining area matches the tone of the sofa and the decorative panels that create a peaceful atmosphere.

Finally, we made the sales image photorealistic by adding light and shadows to the walls, floor, furniture and staircase, among other things.

The sales image of the living room has a sense of space and a feeling of closeness to nature

The layout of the living room of the Hall, Hem & Hus semi-detached house is spacious and bright. We wanted to emphasize these factors and so we limited the visualization image of the living room so that all the windows in the space fit into the same image. In this way, it becomes clear to the apartment-seeker at a glance that it is a modern and bright home, where the trees and bushes in the yard are part of the landscape.

Speaking of trees and bushes: they were added behind the windows in the picture during the finalization stage. Together with the light and shadows and the reflections on the side of the kitchen island and the surface of the living room table, these small details make the sales image of Johan Lindholm's development look photorealistic and high-quality.

Utility room and bathroom in the visualizations

The selling points of the Kadermonkatu property in Hanko also include a bright, windowed utility room and an atmospherically stylish bathroom. We wanted to make Johan representative pictures of both, in which the spatial and interior solutions would be clearly visible.

The interior visualization of the utility room is bathed in light. In our opinion, we also succeeded in presenting the utility room's storage furniture and doing justice to the beautiful lighting and the curved, brass-colored faucet, which brings a little everyday luxury to the space. The lights, shadows, the landscape opening from the window and the reflection of the washing machine door illustrate the time and skill that went into the finishing touches.

The heroes of the bathroom visualization are the modern bathroom furniture and mood-setting tiling. Shadows, lights and reflections on the sauna door complete the realistic impression.

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