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When 3D images were needed in a hurry for Elani's newest Kauramäki development, the order went to another Jyväskylä-based firm, Visu24.

"Straightforward service" - Visu24 made 3D images for Elani Construction with a fast turnaround time

Elani Construction is a construction company from Jyväskylä that employs nine people and makes long-lasting homes from locally sourced materials, with attention to the dry chain. When 3D images of Elan's new development in Kauramäki were needed in a hurry, the order went to another company from Jyväskylä, Visu24.

"The service was straightforward and effective," says Elani Construction CEO Olli Aitto-oja about their dealings with Visu24.

"And fast too. An earthen embankment was drawn on the architectural drawings, which was interpreted as a retaining wall in the drafts. However, this and a few other necessary changes were made speedily."

Good value for money

Quality of work and design is a core aspect of Elani's construction philosophy. The company believes that the best result comes from high-quality locally sourced materials, a well supervised construction phase and sustainable design choices.

What about Visu24's service quality?

"I'd give it a school grade of eight," reflects CEO Aitto-oja.

"In terms of value-for-money, the end result is good, and I could definitely recommend Visu24 to others."

"Actually, I only came up with things to improve from reading the markings on the architectural drawings in the first round."

Olli Aitto-oja of Elani Construction was particularly grateful for Visu24's effective customer service and the rapid delivery of the 3D images. He also found the images to be good value-for-money.

A four-apartment terraced house for a new residential area in Jyväskylä

The images delivered by Visu24 to Elani Construction were used as part of the pre-marketing campaign for the terraced housing development in Vävypojantie scheduled to be completed in winter 2023. Two 4-room apartments and three five-room apartments with their own saunas and underfloor water heating are being built near the Kauramäki kindergarten and the new school in Keljonkangas.

In keeping with the Elani brand, they will offer comfortable living, a stylish appearance and high-quality implementation.

Both Jyväskylä-based companies are thus in agreement about this matter!

At Visu24, we always aim for our products to be stylish and of high quality - and to do business comfortably.

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