The 3D presentation enhances the sales and marketing of new properties

Find out how Visu24's 3D presentation solves the challenges of marketing a new property and impresses buyers even before construction begins.

Customers must experience the design solutions clearly

Interior designers and companies face numerous challenges in convincing their customers. Making crucial decisions without concrete visual support can be challenging for both designers and their clients.

The functionality of the space is important for different target groups

Each space must be designed with its users in mind – families with children, people with reduced mobility and other special groups of users require special attention to functionality from their spaces. Interior designers must be able to show how different elements affect usability and aesthetics in different environments.

Interior styles and lighting create the atmosphere of the space

Creating the appearance and atmosphere of the premises with different interior styles and lighting solutions is an important task in the planning and sales processes. Without visual help, it is challenging to show how different materials, colors and lighting can affect the overall atmosphere of a room.

Versatility and adaptability add value

The adaptability and multi-use of spaces are valuable features in modern living. Customers want to see how the facilities can serve different needs depending on the day and use. However, without a practical demonstration, the visualization of the facilities' potential may remain incomplete.

Decision-making requires a clear understanding

Making a purchase decision without a clear understanding of the end result can be a big hurdle for customers. Uncertainty and the inability to visualize the space as a finished entity slow down the decision-making process and may cause hesitation regarding investment.

A promising solution: 3D presentation

3D presentation is an innovative way to present spaces and objects virtually. This technology enables the creation of photorealistic and detailed 3D modeling, where the spaces come alive and visitors can move freely in a three-dimensional environment, trying out different interior solutions.

Visual representation for evaluating the functionality of the space

The 3D presentation enables everything from the variation of the reflections of the surface materials to the demonstration of the functional properties of the space. Users can see how the furniture and other elements are arranged in the space and assess whether they are suitable for the requirements of the target group - for example from the point of view of accessibility and ease of use.

I bring life to life with interior design and lighting

The effect of lighting and colors on the atmosphere of the space can be brought out with the help of a 3D presentation. Virtually trying out interior design options can help the customer understand how individual interior design styles and lighting solutions affect the overall appearance of the space.

The potential of the space becomes visible through adaptability

3D presentations that enable versatility and modification are valuable tools for interior designers. By illustrating different ways of using and arranging the space, customers can experience how the space bends according to their needs - making the space more valuable and attractive.

Clarity and certainty for decision-making

A 3D presentation can reduce uncertainty and give customers a clearer view of the end result. When the customer can "walk" in the space virtually and see the finished result before implementation, decision-making speeds up and customer satisfaction increases.

Start the journey to visual selling with Visu24

When it comes to marketing and pre-sales of a new property, a 3D presentation as a visual sales tool is valuable. The current market situation requires innovative approaches that distinguish your property from the competition and arouse the interest of potential buyers. With Visu24, you can offer your customers the opportunity to experience the new site in a photo-realistic and exciting way even before the construction work begins.

Virtual tour

With Visu24, we offer the opportunity to get to know your future apartment in a completely new way. Our 3D presentation opens the doors to the homes of the future today, giving a vivid picture of the space, views and interior design possibilities of the apartments. Feel free to contact us, and we will customize a virtual presentation for you that convinces and inspires.

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Your new property deserves the best possible start on the market. With the help of a 3D presentation, you ensure that potential buyers get to experience the uniqueness of your property right from the start. Contact us today and together we will start the success story of your new destination.

Why choose Visu24 for a 3D presentation?

We have years of experience

Visu24 offers 3D presentation services based on years of experience and deep expertise. We know the challenges and opportunities of marketing new properties, and we have solutions that make your property more attractive.

High-quality, photorealistic visualizations

An exciting first impression is the key to success in marketing new properties. We offer 3D visualizations of the highest level on the market, which arouse interest and support customers' purchase decisions.

Save time and resources

Time is money, and we at Visu24 understand that. We make fast deliveries and offer effective solutions that save time and resources for both your team and your customers.

100% satisfaction guarantee

We promise that you will be satisfied with the end result. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, with which you can ensure that your investment in the marketing of a new destination is profitable.

A versatile selection of services

In addition to the 3D presentation, Visu24 offers a wide range of services for the marketing of new properties. Whether it's interior photos, exterior photos, floor plans or animations, our team will realize everything according to your needs.

Almost 24/7 customer support

When you work with us, you're not alone. We are available almost around the clock to help you solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Contact Visu24 today and we will show you how a 3D presentation can completely revolutionize the marketing of your new property.

  1. What is a 3D presentation and how does it differ from traditional presentations?

The 3D presentation is an interactive three-dimensional modeling of the property, which allows users to virtually explore the premises in real time and in detail. It's a completely different experience compared to traditional photos or videos, because a 3D presentation allows a potential buyer or tenant to experience the property as if they were there. At Visu24, we use advanced Matterport technology to create high-quality and photorealistic 3D presentations that bring your real estate marketing into the modern age.

  1. What are the benefits of 3D presentation in real estate marketing?

A 3D presentation has several benefits, such as time and cost savings, better accessibility of properties and increased customer engagement. A virtual presentation allows you to get to know the property at any time, which speeds up the property sales process. We at Visu24 offer our customers 3D presentations made with the help of Matterport, which increase interest and help stand out from the competition.

  1. How does a 3D presentation affect the experience of a property buyer or tenant?

The 3D presentation offers buyers and tenants the opportunity to get to know the property thoroughly and independently, thus improving their experience. An interactive experience increases visual appeal and can help in decision-making. Visu24's expert team will help you use 3D presentations effectively, ensuring that potential customers get the most realistic idea of your object.

  1. How is a 3D presentation created and how long does the process take?

Creating a 3D presentation starts with scanning the property with a special camera, after which a computer program creates an interactive 3D model. The duration of the whole process depends on the size of the property and the amount of details, but we at Visu24 aim to deliver the first drafts usually in three days and the final versions in up to seven working days.

  1. Can 3D presentation be used in all types of real estate?

Yes, the 3D presentation is suitable for all types of properties, from apartments to offices and commercial properties. It is an excellent tool for highlighting the property's features and potential. Visu24 offers 3D presentation services that can be customized to meet different real estate needs, offering customers a high-quality presentation of their property.

  1. What is Matterport's role in the 3D presentation and how is it related to Visu24's services?

Matterport is a platform that provides software and technology to create 3D presentations for real estate. It enables a photorealistic, three-dimensional and virtual description of the property. We at Visu24 have included Matterport technology as part of our services to offer our customers the most advanced 3D presentations on the market, which help to highlight your property and enhance marketing.

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