Visu24's head of customer relations Jere Rantanen

"We respond to inquiries in the morning, throughout the day and even in the evening"

Visu24's new head of customer relations Jere Rantanen wants customers to receive fast and personal service - Messages are read even in the evening

"In terms of customer satisfaction, the ideal would be for a response to be received in under 15 minutes," says Visu24's new head of customer relations Jere Rantanen. 

Rantanen joined Visu's team at the end of the summer. He is responsible for all the company's customers and the development of customer satisfaction. 

"Many of our customers in the construction industry spend their days at construction sites, so they only have time to contact us in the evening. We've received a lot of thanks for responding morning, day and evening." 

 "I strive to send out at least an acknowledgement straight away. If I can't respond right then, I try to give an estimate in my message of when I'll be able to at the latest."

According to Rantanen, busy clients in the construction industry highly appreciate the speed, quality and smoothness of service. For example, exterior visualizations are occasionally needed on a very tight schedule.

Bolstered by customer's praise even on weekends

Jere Rantasenpesti started at Visu24 in May 2022, a couple of weeks after reading Visu24's job advertisement. Rantanen was an honest entrepreneur after stumbling upon an interesting announcement Niko Huttu. The ideas about the importance and development of customer service came together very well. 

Their common goal is now to grow the business by investing seriously in customer experience.

"Working with Niko is absolutely great. He's relaxed, but a good teacher, too." 

"Perhaps the best thing about my job is the customers. When you make someone feel good, it rubs off on you too! For example, if on Friday you get compliments or good feedback from a customer, it leaves a kind of glow. A good mood for the whole weekend."

From an ice cream kiosk through business studies to Visu 

What kind of person is responsible for Visu24's customer relations now?

"I've always been in customer service and sales, since I was 15 years old. From an ice cream kiosk and restaurant all the way to a furniture store. I've always enjoyed jobs where I get to talk to people a lot."

"For example, I had no formal training for being a waiter, but you almost did better at it if you got along with people, made them feel comfortable and perhaps even laugh, than if you could carry eight plates at a time."

An exterior visualization embedded in a drone image is one of Visu24's powerful products.
 Jere Rantanen's work combines business economics in an interesting way,
customer service and the field related to information technology.

"In addition to sales and customer service, I've always been interested in information technology and economics, from an individual level right up to the global economy. I went to Seinäjoki to study Business Economics and Management, and returned from there to Jyväskylä with my spouse in spring. Now I'm working comfortably and remotely, from my office at home."

"I like working remotely - I think it's modern. It's really great that it also suits Niko."

A familiar, reliable and fast supplier of visualizations

What does the head of customer relations hope to achieve by working at Visu?

"My most important aspiration is for our customers to be so satisfied with the service they've received that they always contact us first. After all, we already have a lot of customers, who I hear say 'Since you did such good work last time, here's a new order for you'."

 "Every time a message like that lands in my email, for example, I get the feeling that we've done something right."

High-quality interior visualizations are one of Visu24's most popular products

"We want to provide such good image and high-quality work that people start recommending us. If someone praises the images, the customer can proudly say that Visu24 took care of it very quickly, call Jere. He'll help if you need pictures."

Easily reachable by email and phone

Regarding what matters can you be contacted, Jere Rantanen?

"You can contact me regarding all matters related to Visu24. If I can't answer something right away, I'll make sure there's someone who can, so that nothing remains unclear."

"I can be easily reached both by email and by phone, no matter what!"

Do you have any questions about Visu24's products, pricing or delivery times?

Feel free to contact us!

Jere Rantanen

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