The bar container we implemented for Vellogs


Vellogs, a company which builds movable Kingbox break rooms, saunas, cafes and much more out of shipping containers, has been collaborating with Visu24 for over a year. Read about Vellogs's customer experience here.

"Fast service, good pictures and suitable prices"

Joonas Valerius of Vellogs has recommended Visu throughout his time as a customer, now over a year

Nothing is more rewarding for a service company than a satisfied customer who always entrusts us with their key visualization projects.

Vellogs, a company which builds movable Kingboxbreak rooms, saunas, cafes and much more out of shipping containers, has been working with Visu24 for over a year on several visualization projects.

Visualization image of the 12m container suite product we implemented for Vellogs

Fast service the most important selection criterion

CEO of Vellogs Jonas Valerius on the phone is quite satisfied with the projects done with Visu.

"You have fast service, that's the most important thing for us. The price is also suitable, and the pictures are of course also good."

"You have also understood very well what we have asked for. In my experience, communication from there has also been good."

Our visualization for Vellogs

Above 9 out of 10

"I can't think of any problems or challenging situations, nor any constructive improvement suggestions, at least not right away," recalls Valerius.

"I could give Visu over 9 out of 10 as a school grade - and I would recommend it to others. In fact, I have recommended it! Hey, we have a new project coming up soon. Could you do the pictures for that?"

Making opportunities visible with stylish exteriors

During the one-year customer relationship, Vellogs and Visu have produced several exterior architectural renderings. Here is one example:

The bar container we implemented for Vellogs

At Vellogs' workshop, a shipping container is the starting point for many possibilities, whose quality visualization for potential customers is important especially in the final stage of sales negotiation.

In this 3D image, the container is no longer a container, but a stylish urban cafe with a roof terrace suitable for any location!

Vellogs' Kingbox containers built from used shipping containers are made according to the customer's wishes - for example, clad in wooden slats. In the architectural rendering, the modern exterior of the movable cafe comes into its own, as do the brightly-lit interiors, suitable for admiring the surroundings.

The modern 3D interior and skillfully added shadows, reflections, and city dwellers are the finishing touches to the photorealistic, sales-promoting image.

The 3D floor plan presents the space solution at a glance

The 3D floor plan nicely illustrates the space solution - Vellogs' reference work

In product descriptions, a single image is often more effective than a thousand words. The 3D floor plan delivered by Visu to Vellogs clearly and accurately brings to life on the customer's screen the sauna and kitchen space built into the container.

The 3D floor plan gives an idea at a glance of what kind of space solution can be ordered for the building and how it can be furnished. The sauna interior materials and equipment get their due in the 3D floor plan from the sauna benches and stove to the shower room glass partitions and towel rack. On the kitchen side, the 3D model illustrates the rhythm of the space and its furnishing opportunities.

Fine details, such as the graining on interior panels and wooden floors, reflections on the sauna wall surface and the shadow of the stove add the familiar Visu quality to the architectural rendering.

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