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Long-standing construction company Häyrynen Oy describes Visu24's customer service as fast and the visualizations as high-quality

"Good cooperation and pictures that sell"

Long-standing construction company Häyrynen Oy describes Visu24's customer service as fast and the visualizations as high-quality

Here at Visu24, we have the pleasure of serving not only newcomers to the construction industry, but also true veterans.

An example of the latter is the construction company based in the Ii and Oulu region, Häyrynen Oy, which has run profitably and employed locals for over fifty decades. The company is currently headed by the third generation of construction industry professionals from the Häyrynen family.

"No complaints"

The Häyrynen construction company specializes in public buildings, offices, industrial construction and residential construction.

"Yes, we were satisfied", answers Häyrynen's secretary Jaana Hämälä-Raitio when we ask Flat. Oy I's Keskuspuisto new housing project from the teams about the interior and exterior visualizations we delivered to them.

"Working together was good, we got a response from you right away. Everything went well. No complaints about this project!”

The Ii Central Park complex, to be built in the very center of Ii, offers high-quality two and three-room apartments with balconies near the services of the city center. The interior and exterior visualizations of the development are Visu24's handiwork.

Kudos for visualization quality

What did Häyrynen think of the final results? That is, the exterior and interior visualizations of the Ii Central Park complex?

"Those images were of high quality, we were really satisfied. Especially for those exterior visualizations. They were very good at selling!”

Häyrynen was particularly satisfied with the exterior visualizations provided by Visu24.

Easy living from infancy to old age

The Ii Central Park complex will be built along Kirkkotie, which runs through the center of the village, opposite the school and the new kindergarten that is under construction. Shops and other services are only a stone's throw away.

The advantages of the Ii Central Park complex include a truly central location, space solutions suitable for different life situations, and full-glass balconies with blinds.

The proximity of public and commercial services makes the development ideal not only for small families, but also for older residents. The complex's outdoor and indoor spaces are being built barrier-free, which makes it easier to move around with strollers, walkers or wheelchairs.

The development's drawcards include all-glass balconies with blinds in all apartments. The Ii Central Park complex's apartments will also have water-circulating floor heating that works with district heating. 

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