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For two offices to be built in Helsinki and Pirkkala, project engineer Eerik Hemmo ordered 3D exterior marketing images from Visu24 on a tight schedule.

"Nothing to improve on"

Master Homes is a company from Lehmo that builds around 200 homes around Finland every year. The apartments of the Eastern Finnish developer are comfortable and cozy, designed for today and the future - built with experience and a big heart. 

Although Master Homes has focused primarily on building homes, the company also has know-how about building offices. 

Area modeling images on a tight deadline

Project engineer for two offices to be built in Helsinki and Pirkkala Erik Hemmo ordered 3D exterior marketing images from Visu24 on a tight deadline. 

"We needed area modeling", Hemmo clarifies. "We had these two projects under development and we asked Visu for area modeling images."

High-quality pictures and good service

At Visu24, we happily took on the challenge of a tight schedule and rolled up our sleeves. 

On the basis of a few model images, architectural design and 3D images were made for the Toiviontie and Muonamiehenkatu office buildings. Was Master Homes satisfied afterwards?

"Yes we were, the products arrived quickly and we were especially satisfied with their quality. The service was also good", Hemmo concludes.

Is there something in the products or services that Visu24 could do even better?

"There's nothing to improve on! We've already ordered some more from Visu."

Customizable hall and office space in between Ring I and Vihdintie

With the help of the 3D images created by Visu24, Master Homes is now marketing two new office buildings to industrial and transport companies, for example.  

Helsinki On Muonamiehentie, in the armpit of Kehä I and Vihdintie, Masterkode has a building right of 2,000 square meters. Plots and properties can either be bought or rented. As you can see from the 3D pictures, the space is becoming modern and stylish, and the location couldn't be better!

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