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Jalon Builders would recommend Visu24 to others as well

"Fast and responsive customer service" - Jalon Builders would recommend Visu24 to others

Here at Visu24, we are fortunate to constantly come face to face with memorable construction projects that influence our perception of construction and its future.

A fitting example of one of the countless stunning developments that have crossed our desk is Jalon Builders' 7-storey new development Hänskinkulma that is planned for the center of Mikkeli. We received drawings of the round-cornered apartment complex at a time when a good facade image was needed for the development, which still only existed on paper.

"We got the image quite smoothly"

What kind of service did the Jalon team receive from Visu24 for Hänskinkulma's 3D image, Jalon Deputy CEO Assi Toivakka?

"Smooth. We got the image quite smoothly. We suggested changes and the process was dynamic. The customer service was fast and responsive."

The end result met expectations

What about the end result, the facade of Hänskinkulma?

"The end result also met our expectations very well. I can't think of anything to improve on right now," says Toivakka.

"Based on this experience, I could definitely recommend Visu to others."

Run by a nearly 100-year-old family business

In addition to its home city of Mikkeli, Jalon currently builds in Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Joensuu, the capital region and elsewhere in southern Finland. The company is owned and managed by the nearly 100-year-old family business Toivakka Companies.

The growth rate at Jalon has been rapid in recent years. There is currently a wide selection of homes for sale or in the pre-booking phase in seven different cities.

Hänskinkulma will be completed in the summer of 2023. Good luck with your stunning project from us at Visu24!

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