The 360-image helps to visualize the details of the new property - promotes sales interactively

Your new destination deserves more attention - get Visu24's 360 image for help and experience a new dimension of marketing.

Invisibility of new items on digital marketing platforms

The current recession in the housing market, which has been affected by, among other things, the consequences of the corona situation, the crisis in Ukraine and general uncertainty in the economy, brings challenges to the sales process of new construction sites. Builders, architects and brokers have had to rethink the ways in which they are used to presenting their properties to potential customers. We face many problems nowadays when the interest of potential buyers has waned. Let's go through some of these challenges in more detail.

Lack of visualization in 2D images

Traditional photos and drawings often fail to convey the potential of future apartments as they should. As a result, it is difficult for the customer to visualize the final appearance of the apartment and the use of space. Two-dimensional images do not provide enough information about the real space use of the apartment, which can cause uncertainty and misunderstandings among potential buyers.

Insufficient marketing materials

Often, the marketing materials for a new destination are incomplete. In the absence of interactive and attractive elements, potential buyers do not feel tied to the target, which leads to a decrease in contacts. Without fascinating visual presentations, Uudiskehte will not stand out from its competitors, and attracting the attention of investors and consumers becomes even more challenging.

Unrealistic expectations

Incomplete and unclear visual presentations can lead to unrealistic expectations in customers. When the visual material does not match the quality or details of the end result, the result can be dissatisfied customers and cancellations of the sale. This not only delays deals but also creates a negative image for developers and brokers.

The need to enhance marketing

In a strengthened competitive situation and reduced customer demand, it is even more important to find methods that enhance marketing and increase the visibility of apartments. New destinations must be able to offer something unique in order to attract a wider range of buyers. Marketing's technical solutions are key to stimulating sales and increasing interest.

Introducing a promising solution: 360-image

The 360-image comes as if on order to meet the just mentioned marketing challenges of new properties. Modern, interactive and in-depth presentation enriches marketing and offers potential customers the opportunity to really dive into the apartment for sale. Below we explain how a 360 image can be a solution to these challenging problems.

Visual understanding of space and proportions

The 360-view enables customers to have an experience of the use of space in the apartment that corresponds to an authentic experience. The panoramic views and the possibility of turning in every direction create a more accurate understanding of the real dimensions of the apartment. This is realized in a natural and intuitive way that corresponds to the physical experience of the space.

Leveraging interactive marketing experiences

Interactivity is the key word of the new era, and the 360 image strongly highlights this element. When potential customers can "walk around" the apartment freely, they feel more involved and interested in the property. This helps to create positive interest in the target and thus improves the number of contacts, which is a key part of successful advance marketing.

Creating a lively atmosphere

The 360 image brings the spaces to life in a way that traditional visual presentation methods cannot. Presenting the apartments with versatile interior design options and lighting helps customers understand the wide potential of the apartment. When the customer can experience the cozy atmosphere even before the construction work starts, it creates a significant bond between the apartment and the customer.

Ensuring distinctiveness and competitive advantage

When the market is flooded and there is competition for customers' attention, the 360 image offers the decisive differences that allow you to stand out from the crowd. A practical and attractive way of presentation brings Uudiskehte to the fore exactly where the most potential customers make their choices - on digital platforms.

Enrich your marketing with a 360 image

If you repeatedly face challenges in distinguishing your new properties on digital marketing platforms, it's time to switch to the 360 image services offered by Visu24. We have the necessary solutions to arouse the interest of potential customers and enhance your advance marketing campaigns.

Take the next step in virtual marketing

At Visu24, we believe that the best way to convince is to show. Give your customers the opportunity to experience their new home already in the planning phase. Contact us and request a quote for 360 photos - we will make you a customized proposal that meets your marketing needs and convinces your customers.

Experience the full potential of the apartments

Don't let your customers guess the look and feel of their future home. Enrich their experience by offering them a comprehensive Virtual Tour with a 360 image even before the construction work has even started. Ask for a presentation from our team and find out how Visu24 can change the marketing of your new property.

Why choose Visu24 as the implementer of the 360 image?

Visu24 offers a first-class solution for creating 360 photos. By using our services, you get numerous advantages:
    • Photorealism: Our pictures are accurate and vivid, offering the best possible experience of the future apartment.
    • Experience: Our long-term expertise in the field of 3D visualization guarantees that we are a reliable partner in the realization of a 360 image.
    • Versatile services: We offer a wide range of services, from 360 photos to animations and virtual tours.
    • Fast delivery: You can get the first prints in three days, and the final images in seven working days.
    • Satisfaction Guarantee: Customer satisfaction is a priority for us. We offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee for our services.
    • Competitive prices: From us you get value for your money, customized and budget-friendly solutions for projects of all sizes.
The Visu24 team is here to help you create an unforgettable visual experience that will attract buyers and make your new property sell. Take the first step towards new marketing success today - together we create experiences that live and move.
    • What is a 360 photo and how is it different from regular photos?A 360-image is an interactive rotating image that allows the user a 360-degree view of the depicted space. It differs from ordinary photos, as the user can control the angle of view and explore the environment in all directions, as if he were there himself. The 360 photos we offer at Visu24 are photorealistic and of high quality, which makes them an excellent tool for marketing new properties.
    • How can 360 photos benefit the pre-marketing of an apartment?360 photos give potential buyers the opportunity to experience the apartment virtually. They give a real-time feeling of the space and help to visualize the object's dimensions and interior design. At Visu24, we believe that 360 photos are an integral part of modern pre-marketing, giving our clients an edge in the competitive real estate market.
    • How is the 360 image delivered to the customer from Visu24?The delivery of the 360-image to the customer usually takes place via an easy-to-use link, which can be embedded directly on the customer's website or shared on social media channels. Visu24 strives for fast delivery – first drafts can usually be delivered within three days and final versions within seven working days.
    • How realistic are Visu24's 360 photos?Visu24's 360 photos are very realistic, as they are created with state-of-the-art technology and by our professional 3D visualization graphic artists. The images produce a convincing and interactive experience that brings the apartment to life and helps the home buyer visualize their future home.
    • Can the 360 image be edited if there is something to correct in the Visu24 service?Yes, if there are quality problems or the need for editing in the 360 image, we offer a 60-day free change service. Here at Visu24, we are committed to customer satisfaction, and that's why we offer a 100 % satisfaction guarantee and the possibility of changes, so that the end result matches our customer's wishes perfectly.
    • What is the benefit of the 360-image service for a real estate agent?The 360-view provides real estate agents with a tool to make their properties more attractive and positively differentiate themselves from their competitors. A virtual presentation makes it possible to reach a wider audience and engage customers even before the physical display. Visu24 offers builders, designers and real estate agents the opportunity to strengthen their marketing with the help of our versatile and high-quality 360 image service.

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